We empower entrepreneurs to be location independent.

Our Story

We’ve been building companies for the past 10 years, and in that time we’ve seen changes with technology, mobility, and more recently a revolution in collaborative working.We are now seeing an explosion of co-working spaces creating thousands of opportunities for people to create their life’s work.People have proven that big problems, big ideas can be solved through collaboration. We saw this when Dre and Apple made music sound better. When Allstate and Enterprise teamed up to help bring clean water to Flint Michigan, and we all know Musk isn’t getting to Mars by himself.People are now more mobile than ever; getting on a plane isn’t what it used to be. Business takes place without borders. The world is flat and people want to build companies while texting at 40,000 feet and enjoying the freedom that it brings.But here’s the problem…

The Pack

We’re a group of entrepreneurs, technology and marketing people committed to creating a better working lifestyle for all of us.

Andrew Collins

Cofounder / Strategy

Andrew loves entrepreneurship and working with great people. When he’s not travelling or playing tennis, he’s reading enough to stay one step ahead of the next guy.

Chi Tran

Cofounder / CEO

Chi is passionate about startups and technology, formerly agency trained and involved with accelerators he’s built a career in Asia, from growing global brands, to delivering award winning solutions Chi is Asia’s quintessential baller.

Jared Neo

Product Manager

Jared is passionate about User Design and Experience. When not working, he’s usually answering to the whims of his cat.

Joel Peters

Partner Community Manager

Joel is your next generation millenial who gave up the typical corporate path to pursue his passion in startups and in leaving his mark in the world. He loves all things travel and connecting with interesting people.

Roy Ho

Creative Technologist

Roy loves design and has taken the unique path of starting in the creative industry and ending up moving into technology. He is a geek at heart that loves his four legged friends.

Want to be a part of the pack? Well, we’re hiring!

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