Regardless of what stage an entrepreneur, freelancer, or startup is, they all require connections and a network of like-minded people to stay current and competitive in any particular industry

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7 Travel Coworking Spaces That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

A growing number of people want to find ways to stay connected by meeting — and working alongside — local entrepreneurs while they’re traveling.

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29 December, 2017

Loop.Space: An App To Access Global Co-Working Spaces

We wanted to build a platform that allows one to book the best co-working spaces anywhere in the world, and connect each one of them through an app.

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30 June, 2017

Loop: The Coworking App That Wants To Connect People

Loop is targeting workers who lead a lifestyle that allows them to go from place to place without missing a beat.

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4 August, 2016

This Coworking Platfrom Wants To Get Asia’s Freelancers out of Starbucks:

Our goal is to disrupt Starbucks, and get folks out of the cafes and into collaborating across the best coworking spaces.

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26 May, 2016

Interview With Chi Tran, CEO and Co-Founder Loop

We’re trying to tie together this collective conscience of innovation and propel entrepreneurship and society into the future.

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15 June, 2016

Loop Wants To Connect The World’s Co-Working Spaces:

Loop hopes to offer a seamless experience across multiple co-working spaces and startup hubs in Asia and beyond.

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1 June, 2016